Thursday, June 17, 2010

Weddings and funerals are on hold from today for..................... not sure how long. Hopefully not for too long. I'm about to close up my little place and set off for the hospital. My son, Tim, is arriving from the Gold Coast to be with his mother over the weekend. He will take me to check in to the hospital and stay with me while surgeon and anaesthetist visit and give me the low down on the procedures. Then he will be around tomorrow to talk to the surgeon after the op. As will my friend, Ros, who will then post an entry to this blog so that family and friends who are spread far and wide around the world can be informed.

The hospital called to let me know that wireless internet is available and to tell me to bring my laptop with me. How did they know I'd feel bereft without it? :) So there will probably be another entry tonight after those visits - with the VERY latest detail - if you're interested.

For a bit of colour I have included a photo of my two South African-resident grandchildren, blowing their vuvuzelas - only allowed outside the house! Well.... I couldn't make it work - so no pic. But I'll keep trying.

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Carmen in Pambula said...

Thinking of you and awaiting the next good news blog from Ros. Glad Tim can be there with you. Sun shiny day here on the far south coast. May it be sunny where you are too. Keep that optimism flowing.Love Carmen