Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Surgery date

Well, it's not Wednesday yet, but I already know the next step.

The surgeon phoned me this morning to say that he had spoken to the 'needle biopsy doctor' and there was nothing to worry about in my chest. So, he said, we should just get on and do the surgery to remove the abdominal tumour.

I check into St. George Private Hospital on the afternoon of 18 June and will have the surgery first thing on Saturday 19 June.

Two weeks to psych myself up.


Sue C said...

hi terrie lots of time for lessons

Carmen in Pambula said...

Psych up, psych up.... just pretend it's another frustrating game of golf...in the bunker..out...hit a tree...then another one...AND back in the bloody bunker!! BUT, you know how to get out: take a breath, focus on the task at hand, and swing!! You bloody beauty!! in the hole for a ....bogey. And, that's OK.
Then onto the next..good tee shot; great second shot; terrific chip which lands close to the hole...and in for another par!!! Yay!!
You can do it - we're all behind you pushing the ball into the hole. Lovya, Carmen