Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday 18th June - 6pm

Hi,. this is Roslyn and Tim and I have just booked into St George Private Hospital - with Terrie decked out in glorious nighty and the famous TB knitted socks.

She is on 'light fluids' and loving it.

Operation wont be till about noon tomorrow (Saturday)


Sue said...

Love the socks!

RedShoes said...

Am sending positive energy by the truck loads! Ad lots of love!

Carmen in Pambula said...

Can Terrie knit? I was a bit blown away by the thought of 'cooking', but knitting! Wonders will never cease. It's a bit like me doing maths! Will keep tuned.Love Carmen

Anonymous said...

Good grief where did you get the talent to knit those socks!! Love them.All positive energy coming your way lots of love always matron