Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thursday evening

Aussie politicians performing at home to elect our first female Prime Minister, Aussie sportsmen performing admirably on the world stage of soccer and tennis - all systems go! and the same goes here at St. George Private Hospital.

My system is now performing as it should and the threat of CT scan and more surgery has abated.

Been walking around the ward - gingerly - sitting up for extended time - and generally feeling better.

It's now time to settle down to the TV to watch the wash-up of the history-making, political activity in Canberra today.

Terrie 8.30pm


LESLEY said...

yes big day Good to see women on top--whoops women at the helm!!!
Not sure how she will go she seriously need massive elocution lessons and considering she and the others rolled Kev 07 not sure that she will go past the next election --but having said that she needs to stand up and show her metal--all good with you Ter --perhaps you should run YEAH cheers love Matron

RedShoes said...

sending energy and love xx

Anonymous said...

pleased that you have improved even further since that little explosion of air love Sue