Saturday, June 26, 2010

Saturday evening

Wow! Today feels as though it could be Day 1 - where have I been for the past week? - under some kind of fog trying to find my way out.

Today the fog has lifted and I really am feeling human again - along with all the associated aches and pains.

The surgeon came in today and, in his inimitable style, hinted that I might go home on Monday. His parting words were "no promises". I guess I need to feel this good - and more - again tomorrow and the exit strategy and timetable will evolve :)

And now for the news, the rugby test and the partial eclipse of the moon

Terrie 7pm


Lynne said...

Great to hear you up and about, hungry and thinking about going home.. . good on you. I think of you often and say a prayer more than you would think.
Much Love

RedShoes said...

If Day 1 was good, Day 2 will be better, Day 3 even better than that, and the rest awesome!! Enjoy your wonderful life dear friend -- every precious moment of it!