Sunday, July 18, 2010

Neverending story....

Just when you think you'll get definitive answers about the next step ..... there's yet more consultation to be done.

Today's visit to the surgeon was MOSTLTY positive. He said:
  • the pathoplogy confirmed that it was a secondary growth from the original colon cancer
  • he got it all and there were no signs of cancer in any of the samples taken from around the site
  • he had a good look and he couldn't see anything else nasty in there
  • he didn't disturb the liver, so that will need to be watched closely (already being done)
  • probably won't need to have chemotherapy - but ask the oncologist for his opinion
  • may need to have radiotherapy - but ask the radiotherpaist for his opinion
  • I need to see him again in 3 months after a CT scan and blood tests
I have an appointment to see the oncologist on Monday, the day before I go to Cairns, and an appointment to see the radiotherapist on 12 August, when I have returned from Cairns. There's one thing for sure - there won't be any treatment before I have my holiday.

His final words to me were - "There's every possibility that you'll live for a long time". Of course those are words I like to hear and will be doing my darndest to make them a reality.

As I said - MOSTLY positive.

Terrie 4.30pm July 19th


Anonymous said...

Terrie how wonderful to have positive results and the "living a long time" words. I am so pleased for you and have been praying for great results. Go Terrie. Enjoy Cairns but please make sure you rest before you go so you have heaps of energy for there. You did a wonderful job yesterday, thank you very much. love Helen

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Bronwyn said...

"every possibility you will live for a long time" YAY cautiously optimistic! Enjoy Cairns and friends and holiday!