Thursday, April 14, 2011

An Autumn Picnic at Bobbin Head

My chemo pump was removed again on Wednesday morning and I'm free from it until next Thursday. Feeling clear-headed again :)

Saw my Chinese Herbal doctor on Wednesday afternoon, who said my pulse is good, but blood results still not good enough, so there is lots of work to do. Keep up the herbs, the acupuncture and the strict diet regime.

I'm staying in Sydney with my friend, Suzie, and we are going to Singleton at the weekend to spend time with her daughter and her grandchildren. I'm taking the Hopemobile.

Yesterday I drove to Bobbin Head, in the Kurringai National Park, to meet my friend, Marcia and have a picnic. It was a brilliant big blue sky day - just perfect. We didn't go to the traditional picnic spots, but climbed up the hill a bit and onto a rock overlooking part of the waterway. Enjoy the view.

A special day out with a special friend

Friday 15 April 8.45am

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