Friday, April 8, 2011

A wedding and a week in WA at Margaret River

Lindsay and Matthew are now man and wife. Photo taken with my 'point and press camera' by a friend, directly into the sun - so not so clear. I'm sure the professional photographer will have perfect pics.

Have you been to Margaret River? The beaches, cliffs, surf and coastline are magnificent. we also went to look at the heats of the Margaret River Surfing Contest which is on the world circuit.

Of course, a lunch at Vasse Felix winery was the only way to finish the holiday with great friends. Only to be followed by a view of the sun setting over the Indian Ocean. And I'm the designated driver - so in great demand :)

And these are beautiful portrait shots of my grandchildren, taken by my daughter, Nikki, on her 'more than point and press camera' with amazing lens. I have these pics in my living room, so they are with me every day. It's as close as I can get most of the time.

And this was a week without the pump.

So yesterday (Thursday) I was hooked up again. As the dose of chemotherapy has been reduced by 15% to try to eliminate the eruption of mouth ulcers and cracked lips, my head is clearer than it has been in previous hook-ups. Feels OK.

Managed to shop, see the GP, attend a golfing friend's funeral, sign up with a new wireless internet provider - all by lunch time. Rested all afternoon, of course.

And now it's 9.30pm on Friday and I'm watching the Australian Swimming Championships. The team for the world championships will be announced tonight after the meet.

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