Sunday, March 27, 2011

The pump

This is what it looks like and....

this is how it hangs around my neck. The tube is attached to a needle which is inserted through the skin into a portable catheter in my chest just between my breasts - that's why there's not a picture of it hanging in it's rightful place :)

Today I have had a CT scan which shows that the tumours have shrunk since the chemotherapy began. That's good news. I visited the surgeon for the results and a consultation about whether to go ahead with the peritonectomy. I know I said previously that I have decided against surgery but........I'm keeping my options open - hoping for a medical miracle breakthrough of some kind :)

Of course the surgeon believes that surgery is my best option. He says it will extend my life (longer than chemotherapy will) and there is a 30% chance that it will be a cure. He says that eventually the chemotherapy will fail to keep the tumours at bay and they will always come back and grow larger and.....

My concerns about surgery are:
  • major assault on body
  • lengthy recuperative time
  • quality of life afterwards with possible complications
  • one of the tumours is on a back muscle that is associated with walking and will have to be removed
  • going into a lengthy hospital stay with an infection that has been there since June 2010 surgery and is not cleared up yet - will it ever be?
  • and the list goes on.............
More to deliberate on.

In the meantime - the pump comes off tomorrow aftrernoon and on Wednesday morning I am flying to WA to conduct a wedding for a dear friend in Margaret River. Spending a week there with friends before I have to return and perhaps maken a final decision about surgery.

Talk again soon

Monday 28 March 2011 @ 5.30pm

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Mollie said...

You are now winging your way to WA, not even chemotherapy can stop you !!I am thrilled that the tumours are deducing in size.I look forward to some celebrant photos.Take care xx