Thursday, March 17, 2011

Second round of treatment is over

Yesterday that lovely chemotherapy pump - such a classic fashion accessory - was removed. Phew! The week 'on' has been manageable, even though I haven't felt totally on top of things.

On Saturday I conducted a wedding at Athol Hall, Mosman, overlooking the beautiful Sydney Harbour, the bridge and the Opera House. Fortunately my wonderful friend, Kerry, volunteered to be my driver and my assistant. Kerry made sure I arrived in plenty of time, was seated when I could be, was well hydrated on such a hot day and was patted with tissue to remove the beads of perspiration before and after the ceremony. She delivered me home safely afterwards and wasn't even cross that I slept for the whole 90 minute trip.

Thank you, Kerry. I couldn't have managed it all on my own. The pump was well concealed under my clothes and I think I 'got away with it'. Only those in the know would have known.

The rest of the week was OK. I managed to shop, bank, wash, cook, clean, eat, dine out, finish the jigsaw and start a new one, read, sleep and generally get on with things.

Yesterday I also had my visit with the Chinese herbalist who increased the strength of my herbs and gave me extra acupuncture needles - to help me cope even better with the treatment. Today (Thursday) I'm feeling great. And I can have a surf every day. Yippee!

And tonight I have enjoyed an Australian Chamber Orchestra concert with friends.

Tomorrow a wedding, Saturday another wedding and Sunday I'm travelling to my Dad's farm to stay for a couple of nights with a friend.

Thursday 18 March 11pm.


Jan said...

You're doing well, Terrie.

Sending even more love!


marcia said...

You really are doing amazingly well, Terrie. Enjoy the farm holiday. Love