Thursday, March 10, 2011

Chemo round #2 - day 2

Yesterday morning I was hooked up to the drip again for a couple of hours and then had the pump installed for the rest of the week. Blood tests showed that my platelet count had not dropped very much, so Round #2 could go ahead.

No fuzzy head this time. Sleepless night last night, the same as last time. Jigsaw almost finished. Tonight I'll probably sleep like a log.

Last time my voice was croaky for the first few days, but then it went back to normal. It's croaky again today, but hoping the same will happen.

I don my celebrancy hat again this Saturday for a wedding at Athol Hall, near Taronga Zoo at Mosman. My friend, Kerry, will drive me there and act as assistant - I'm very grateful for that. And next week - one on Friday and one on Saturday - both in Wollongong. I won't be wearing the pump then, so won't need a helper so much.

It's nice to be able to continue with my celebrancy practice. Outfit has been organised to conceal the pump. And if I lose my hair, brides are OK with me wearing a hat. The next wedding is on 1 April in Margaret River. I'm going for a week with the groom's parents - off chemo week. His Mum's a nurse - my insurance policy!

The Hopemobile has gone to its storage home for a little while - but not for long :)

10.30pm Thursday 10 March

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Jan said...

You sure lead a busy life, don't you. Are you sure you can fit it all in?

I believe that you will love the Margaret River area. You are seeing more of Australia than I.
All I'm doing is going to Grenfell, next weekend, where I will see some mutual friends.
Love from Jan.