Wednesday, March 2, 2011

First week is over

Thank heavens I've got my clear head back. For the whole week I seemed to be in a foggy daze. Yesterday morning when I woke the pump was empty and my head was clear. Yeah!

So........ for Week #1 the side effects seem to be
  • extreme tiredness
  • fuzzy head
  • husky voice for first 4 days
  • hint of headache occasionally - but didn't ever eventuate
  • couple of sleepless nights - jigsaw now underway :)
The pump was removed yesterday and I'm free of treatment for the next week.

My Chinese herbalist has given me stronger herbal capsules to help me through. The GP has discovered an infection I've had for months and didn't know it - so strong antibiotics for the next 10 days.

All in all - I'm feeling OK after Week #1

Planning an overnight trip in the van on Sunday night to stay in the Royal National Park. Back into the salt water tomorrow.

Posted 6.20pm Thursday 3 March


Jan said...

Thanks for the report. I check every day, you know.
So far, so good. Well - so far, not too bad!
Suggestion: an AM/FM small transistor and an earpiece (available from Dick Smith), for the sleepless nights. Keep it in bed with you. Not as attractive as George Clooney, I know, but it
serves a purpose. You hear all sorts of items on ABC Radio
National and ABC News Radio and,
occasionally, listenable music on FM.
So, hold on! Plunge into the salt
water and frolic like a dolphin!
Love from Jan.

Anonymous said...

Hope you are enjoying Sunday in the park... I'm glad you are going well and are having a break from the treatment.
I am amazed at your zest for getting on with fun things to do!!! Love from Carol