Saturday, June 11, 2011

Boo Hoo

Today (Saturday 11 June) I was to officiate at Kellie and Sean's wedding at Lavender Bay at 3pm. I couldn't because I have been laid low for the past week with gastro. Whew! Is it awful!!!!

Since I last wrote I spent a beaut couple of days in the Hopemobile around the Pittwater area. The night's were cold, but the days were warm and sunny if you stayed out of the wind. ALL OK.

Unfortunately on the second night, when I was camped near Palm Beach, my innards started to rumble and the gastro set in. Nothing for it, of course, than to set course for home very quickly. There's no place like home when things aren't right.

And I've had to stay close to home all week - apart from visits to the doctor and a quick trip to the local library.

Consultation with those who know informs me that it is my reaction to this new chemo regime. I have been given medication, had blood tests, told what to eat and drink (keeping the fluids, salt and sugar up) and - basically told that I have to ride it through.

It started on Tuesday night - it's now Saturday and I'm still suffering. Yuk :( Hence I had to call my friend, Denise, who is also a celebrant, and ask her to perform the wedding ceremony for me today.

I am anxiously waiting at home, with the phone nearby, to hear that it all went well. Whew! She called and all went well.

Bye for now.

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Margaret said...

Gosh and here was me complaining about the cold I brought back from Japan. Doses of senegar and amonia YUK have almost done the trick.

Speedy recovery for you I hope.