Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Not good news

Well, I've had the blood test and seen the oncologist for the results. The good news is that the liver function is on the improve :)

Unfortunately, the not-so-good news is that the tumour marker is increasing in its measurement, which means there is more cancer activity in my body. Disappointing - and a bit scary :(

The oncologist suggests that I continue with the chemo for one more round. An effect is not often seen until after 2 rounds. So ....... I go back to the day hospital on Friday morning to have another infusion and continue taking Xeloda tablets for the next 3 weeks.

At that time I'll have another blood test and if the result is as it was this week, I will have another PET scan to get the real picture.

Today (Wednesday) I visited the Chinese herbal doctor/acupuncturist. He looked at my blood test results as well as taking my pulse and looking at the colour of my tongue. He was not pleased. I also told him about the more frequent headaches I have been suffering lately. He gave me a series of exercises to do as often as possible. They are the 'do-it-at-home' acupuncture to stimulate the T-cells (which fight cancer) and boost the immune system.

So, if you see me beating my chest, massaging my ears , rubbing my spleen and liver areas and walking barefoot on rough roads............... please indulge me..... you might even like to join me :). Dr. Chen assures me that if I follow his instructions explicitly, I will have a better result with the next blood test. Certainly hope so.

In the meantime, I'm keeping my mind busy with

1.plans for a weekend of activities in Sydney with friends - which includes conducting a wedding at Lavender Bay...and
2. a week's holiday on Norfolk Island in August - with the same very special friends whose support and love have kept me going for the past 5 years - along with lots of family and friends, both near and far.

My son, Tim, is off tomorrow for a 2 week holiday in Thailand. My daughter, Nikki, is preparing herself for climbing Mt. Kilimanjaro in September. And my grandson, Zeke, has just earned his very first colour belt in Karate. We are all so proud of him and he is bursting with pride.

Today is 1 June. I'm so glad that the coldest May in 40 years is behind us.


Lesley Moore said...

My heart and fervent prayers for a better result from your next blood test go out to you as I head to bed. Keep up the good fight. All my love. Lesley.

Anne Higgins said...

terrie you are so strong and amazing.... i am crossing all my fingers and toes and legs and arms and sending you the hugest hugs i can!!!

Besides, You have to hold on - i havent met my husband yet...!!!!!!!!!xoxoxoox