Tuesday, June 14, 2011

a tiny bit of light

Diarrhoea has gone, appetite is back, strength is returning and I think I'll live a bit longer. That's something I didn't event want to do late last week.

Today, as instructed, I called the oncologist to get directions for the next move. He wanted to see me before he gave any instructions. That made me nervous. So I went to see him. He chided me for 'overdosing' on the chemotherapy. Now, I think I could win a legal argument that I wasn't the only one at fault on that score, but I think I'll save my energy for my health, rather than fighting legal battles.

He recommended that I have a blood test this Friday, call him the same day for the results, and if they are OK, then resume taking the chemotherapy tablets for the next 2 weeks.

BUT THE GOOD NEWS IS........................ that the tumour markers are going down!!! The blood test I had on 2 June show the markers decreasing by about 20%. I hadn't seen these results before, and nobody told me!!! That's very good news. My GP told me, during the week, that the fact that I no longer need any pain relief is an indication that the tumours are shrinking. I was reluctant to believe her. But now I think - maybe she was right.

Anyway - a blood test on Friday will tell a new story. It will be 15 days after the previous blood test, so there may be even more progress on the tumour markers.

It is now 7pm on Tuesday 14 June. It's cold, rainy, windy, dark - horrible. Take me to a tropical island :)

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RedShoes said...

Wish I could teleport you to here in hot, sunny beautiful Nigeria -- for the scenery but not the bad roads, for the warmth but not the zillions of people. Hang in there my friend -- think of you lots and send you strong positive energy from the heart of Africa! xxx