Sunday, June 12, 2011

One week on and still riding it through

and sh****ng through the 'eye of a needle' :(

Being beautifully cared for by special friends who bring food, prepare it, serve it, clean up afterwards, change bed linen, take washing away, bring crosswords and newspapers and books, entertain me - and bully me to remember to take enough fluids and food to keep me going.

Today is a public holiday (Monday 13 June - Queen's Birthday). Tomorrow I consult the oncology people to see what the next step is. They told me to go to the hospital if I was in trouble over the long weekend. Fortunatley that has not been necessary.

More later

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Mollie said...

Hi Terrie
I hope your "innards" have quietened down today, can't be much more left to churn! I am thinking of you during this rough spell, it can only get better.Your friends sound marvellous people to have around giving practical help and loving care.
Love Mollie xx